WWE Signs On For New RPG Video Game

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WWE volition beryllium tackling the RPG genre with its video crippled division.

WWE has agelong seen the worth successful utilizing gaming to marketplace its brand. WWF WrestleMania was the company’s archetypal officially licensed crippled and it was released for the NES backmost successful aboriginal 1989. Just a fewer months later, WWF Superstars deed Arcades.

Today, WWE inactive releases aggregate video games. The promotion takes afloat vantage of the mobile marketplace and is partnered with 2K Games for console releases.

WWE Enters RPG Space

During the Q1 2022 net call, WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon announced that the promotion is taking a dive into the satellite of RPG video games (h/t Wrestling Inc).

“We proceed to spot spot successful the show of our mobile games, with 2K and Scopely’s Supercard and Champions, and precocious signed a caller woody successful the role-playing crippled abstraction that volition beryllium announced soon.”

Stephanie further discussed WWE’s committedness to gaming for implicit 30 years.

“Gaming is simply a precedence for WWE to scope our next-gen assemblage with implicit 80% of WWE’s assemblage self-identifying arsenic gamers, and astir 60% of the gaming assemblage successful wide being 34 years oregon younger.”

There are plentifulness of RPGs successful the mobile, console, and PC markets. Time volition archer if WWE tin gully successful a coagulated subordinate basal for its soon-to-be-announced role-playing title.

WWE’s latest large video crippled is WWE 2K22. SEScoops reviewed the game, which you tin spot here.