WWE SmackDown Results (5/13/22): Ronda Rousey Open Challenge, Tag Title Match, The Bloodline & RK-Bro

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This week’s occurrence of SmackDown amusement aired unrecorded from the Mohegan Sun Arena astatine Casey Plaza successful Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. It is the archetypal occurrence of SmackDown pursuing WrestleMania Backlash past Sunday night. Ronda Rousey defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship successful an Open Challenge. Naomi & Sasha Banks defended the Women’s Tag Team Championships against Natalya & Shayna Baszler.

SmackDown Results

Riddle def. Sami ZaynRonda Rousey def. Raquel Rodriguez to clasp the SmackDown Women’s ChampionshipSasha Banks & Naomi def. Shayna Baszler & Natalya to clasp the Women’s Tag Team ChampionshipsButch def. Kofi Kingston

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Sami Zayn Interrupted RK-Bro

RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle) kicked disconnected tonight’s SmackDown to a large absorption from the crowd. Orton said helium is sick and bushed of the chase, and it is precise evident that The Usos don’t person the balls to marque immoderate decisions for themselves. Orton added that Roman Reigns makes each the decisions for The Bloodline.

Riddle took the blasted for the nonaccomplishment successful the 6-man tag lucifer astatine WrestleMania Backlash. Orton shouted that RK-Bro demands to go the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Randy wanted Roman Reigns to travel to the ringing but Sami Zayn came to the entranceway ramp wearing a Bloodline t-shirt.

Zayn wondered if RK-Bro did not recognize however things enactment present connected SmackDown and he’s present to code the substance connected the Bloodline’s behalf. Sami claimed that cipher wants to spot this unification lucifer and told RK-Bro that they would suffer the lucifer anyway. Zayn entered the ringing and said he’s trying to code this with diplomacy and a large “Sami sucks!” chant broke out.

Sami suggested that RK-Bro spell backmost to RAW and ne'er travel backmost to SmackDown. Riddle referred to Sami arsenic “Rusty” due to the fact that he’s a ginger and the assemblage chanted “Rusty!”. Zayn boasted astir handling Shinsuke Nakamura past week and Orton wondered if helium was the changeable caller of the Bloodline. Randy added that Sami’s not conscionable retired present moving his rima and he’s a captious portion of SmackDown.

Orton asked Sami to conflict Riddle connected behalf of the Bloodline. If Riddle wins, RK-Bro gets the Tag Team Title Unification match. Another “Rusty!” chant broke retired and Sami accepted the situation but wanted to hold it a fewer weeks. The camera chopped to an bare entranceway ramp earlier Adam Pearce showed up. Pearce made the lucifer official, but noted that Sami Zayn cannot talk for the Bloodline and the lucifer (with nary stakes) starts now.

Riddle def. Sami Zayn, The Bloodline Will Respond Later Tonight

Sami Zayn past battled Riddle successful a singles match. Riddle started disconnected the lucifer successful power arsenic Sami cowardly tried to get away. Sami caught Riddle with an elbow and past unloaded a flurry of punches to his face. Zayn taunted the assemblage and started shouting astatine Cole & McAfee. Riddle connected with an Enziguri and some superstars fell to the mat. Riddle climbed to the apical enactment but Sami shoved him to the level arsenic SmackDown went to a break.

When SmackDown returned, Sami climbed to the apical enactment but Riddle joined him up determination . Sami knocked him down with immoderate punches and went for a Splash but Riddle countered with a genu to the look for a adjacent fall. Zayn battled backmost with a Michinoku Driver and went for the screen but Riddle kicked retired astatine the past moment.

Zayn went for the draping DDT but Riddle sent him to the level with a Back Body Drop. Riddle deed a springboard Floating Bro earlier the enactment returned to the ring. Riddle followed it up with a Powerslam and the draping DDT. Riddle acceptable up for an RKO but Sami rolled to the outside. Riddle followed him retired determination and Zayn shoved him into the ringing station earlier dumping him implicit the barricade.

Sami rolled backmost into the ringing and the referee began her count. Riddle got backmost into the ringing astatine the past 2nd and Sami started barking astatine the referee. Riddle capitalized and deed Zayn with the Bro Derek for the pinfall victory. RK-Bro celebrated successful the ringing aft the lucifer arsenic The Bloodline watched from the locker room.

Roman Reigns wondered wherefore are RK-Bro connected SmackDown and boasted astir beating them astatine Backlash. The Usos complained astir RK-Bro claiming they cannot marque immoderate choices for themselves earlier saying “it is alright, we bash this for The Bloodline”. Roman Reigns added “tonight, we’ll springiness them an answer” to extremity the segment.

Ronda Rousey def. Raquel Rodriguez To Retain The SmackDown Women’s Championship

New SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey came to the ringing to a large absorption from the crowd. Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair successful an I Quit lucifer astatine WrestleMania Backlash to triumph the title. Charlotte was written disconnected tv with an limb injury. Ronda raised the rubric and past issued an Open Challenge. Raquel Rodriguez (FKA arsenic Raquel Gonzalez successful NXT) answered and vowed to marque past tonight.

Ronda Rousey defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship aginst Raquel Rodriguez tonight. Rodriguez slammed Ronda down to commencement disconnected the lucifer and smiled for the crowd. Rodriguez elbowed Rousey successful the look and threw present to the corner. Ronda battled backmost for a infinitesimal but Rodriguez enactment a halt to it with a monolithic Clothesline for a adjacent fall.

Raquel bushed Rousey down against the turnbuckle earlier connecting with a Fallaway Slam. She followed it up with different 1 and went for the screen but the champ kicked retired astatine two. Rodriguez lifted Rousey up successful the Torture Rack but Ronda escaped. Rodriguez charged but Ronda got retired of the way.

Rousey looked for the armbar but Rodriguez countered into a Side Slam. Raquel climbed to the apical enactment and went for a Splash but Ronda dodged it. Ronda went for a Guilotine choke but Raquel countered into a monolithic Suplex for a adjacent 2 count. Rousey caught Rodriguez with a genu onslaught and immoderate jabs. Ronda went for her judo propulsion but Rodqiguez wouldn’t spell down. Rodriguez responded with a slam for different adjacent fall.

Raquel lifted Rousey up for a Chokeslam but the champ locked successful an armbar. Raquel broke the clasp by slamming Rousey to the ropes. Ronda past applied an Ankle Lock but Rodriguez booted her away. Raquel deed a large footwear for a 2 number and went for a Powerbomb but Rousey countered into a cradle for the pinfall victory. Ronda Rousey is inactive the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Rousey and Rodriguez shook hands aft the match.

Aliyah and Shotzi argued backstage and claimed they were going to reply the Open Challenge arsenic Adam Pearce haplessly stood successful betwixt them.

Happy Corbin Brutally Attacked Madcap Moss

Kayla Braxton interviewed Madcap Moss contiguous connected SmackDown. Happy Corbin interrupted the interrogation and bashed Madcap with a alloy seat respective times. Corbin deed Moss a fewer much times earlier bring the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy successful the ring. Corbin enactment Moss’ caput wrong the alloy seat and bashed it with the trophy arsenic the assemblage booed. Happy Corbin mocked Madcap Moss connected the stretcher backstage aft the attack.

Sasha Banks & Naomi Retained The Women’s Tag Team Championships

Sasha Banks & Naomi defended the Women’s Tag Team Championships against Natalya and Shayna Baszler. Banks dominated the lucifer aboriginal and deed Double Knees connected Natalya for a adjacent fall. Sasha went for the Bank Statement but Natalya got to the ropes to interruption it up. Baszler tagged successful and bushed Banks down arsenic SmackDown went to a break.

When SmackDown returned, Natalya connected with a Spinebuster connected Banks and tagged successful Baszler. Shayna deed a footwear and went for the screen but Naomi broke it up astatine two. Naomi tagged successful and deed Shayna with a Crossbody disconnected the ringing apron and to the floor. Back successful the ring, Naomi deed a Jawbreaker connected Shayna but ran into a large boot. Shayna went for the screen and tried to usage the ropes but the referee caught it.

Natalya tagged successful and Naomi deed Shayna with an Enziguri. Naomi ducked nether a Clothesline and deed a springboard kick. Naomi deed a slam and went for the screen but Shanya broke it up. Shayna went for the Kirifuda Clutch but Banks deed her with the Backstabber. Natalya acceptable up for the Sharpshooter but Naomi rolled her up for the pinfall victory. Naomi & Sasha Banks are inactive the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Butch def. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kington battled Butch contiguous connected SmackDown. Before the match, Drew Gulak and Gunther had an altercation backstage. Gunther perfectly leveled Gulak with a chop to the chest.

Kingston deed a Dropkick close distant and unloaded immoderate punches successful the corner. Butch exploded retired of the country with a Clothesline arsenic Sheamus & Ridge Holland cheered him connected from ringside. Butch deed immoderate much punches and started bending backmost Kofi’s fingers. Kingston escaped and taunted Butch arsenic Woods played the trombone. Kingston deed Butch with a footwear to the look and celebrated with Woods arsenic SmackDown went to a break.

Kofi connected with a Dropkick and followed it up with SOS for a adjacent fall. Kingston climbed to the apical enactment and went for a Crossbody but Butch countered with a jumping forearm to the look for a adjacent fall. Butch deed an Enziguri but Kingston responded with a Double Stomp. Kingston geared up successful the country but Ridge hopped connected the apron. Woods dragged him down but Sheamus caught Xavier with the Brogue Kick. Butch planted Kingston with the Bitter End for the pinfall victory. Butch near done the assemblage aft the lucifer due to the fact that he’s a brainsick person. He past showed backmost up connected the entranceway to airs with Fight Night to extremity the segment.

Tag Team Unification Match Set For Next Week

Sami Zayn approached Paul Heyman backstage and needed to cognize if helium overstepped his boundaries by accepting the lucifer connected behalf of The Bloodline. Sami past boasted astir being the 1 that stood up to RK-Bro and needed to cognize if the narration betwixt “The Locker Room Leader” and the Head of the Table. Heyman told Sami that the Tribal Chief appreciates Sami earlier heading backmost into Reigns’ locker room.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos made their mode to the ringing with Paul Heyman astatine the extremity of this week’s SmackDown.

The Bloodline raised each of their championships successful the aerial arsenic pyro went off. Reigns grabbed the microphone and said “commonwealth of Pennsylvania, admit me” and the assemblage erupted. Roman stated that we’ve been doing this for a minute, smash their hostile connected Sunday and travel to the ringing connected Friday to archer you who is next. Reigns noted each the radical he’s defeated and mentioned John Cena.

Reigns boasted astir The Bloodline’s triumph implicit RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre astatine WrestleMania Backlash. Roman claimed that cipher wants to measurement up to “The Mountain” present and that The Tribal Chief is untouchable. Reigns noted that determination is simply a situation connected the array for The Usos and the question is, what are they going to bash astir it? Roman handed the microphone to Jimmy Uso but RK-Bro interrupted.

The RAW Tag Team Champions joined The Bloodline successful the ring. Randy Orton told Roman Reigns that John Cena is 10 times the superstar that Reigns volition ever be. Orton called The Usos anserine and precise dilatory said they privation the unification match. Orton added that aft they instrumentality The Usos titles they volition merge them to signifier the Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles. The Usos accepted the situation and the lucifer was made for adjacent week. RK-Bro got successful a changeable astatine Roman Reigns earlier leaving the ringing to extremity the show.