WWE Tag Team Could Be Getting Name Change

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A WWE tag squad whitethorn beryllium connected the verge of a flimsy sanction alteration soon.

WWE officials aren’t acrophobic to marque immoderate alterations to its characters. From attire, to music, to sanction changes, the institution volition marque immoderate changes it sees fit. WWE has adjacent reversed changes successful the past.

A tag squad that precocious resurfaced connected Raw could perchance get their ain change.

Dirty Dawgs Getting Name Change? The Dirty Dawgs Dolph ZIggler Robert Roode

After a little stint connected NXT, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, Dirty Dawgs, returned to Monday Night Raw. They started a feud with Omos and MVP.

According to USPTO, WWE has filed a caller trademark for “Dirty Dogs,” which is simply a flimsy alteration from what the institution presently calls the team.

“Mark For: DIRTY DOGS™ trademark registration is intended to screen the categories of wrestling exhibitions and performances by a nonrecreational wrestler and entertainer rendered done broadcast media including tv and radio, and via the net oregon commercialized online service; providing wrestling quality and accusation via a planetary machine network.”

As mentioned, Ziggler and Roode had been connected NXT for a small while. Dolph captured the NXT Championship but yet mislaid it to Bron Breakker.

Time volition archer if WWE really goes done with a flimsy alteration oregon if they’ve trademarked the “Dirty Dogs” mentation conscionable to get up of anyone who whitethorn effort to usage it.